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Well. I think the worlds going to shit so why not roleplay to pass the shitty times?
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 Story Thus Far

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PostSubject: Story Thus Far   Wed Apr 25, 2012 3:02 pm

This story takes place 150 years after the ending of Hellsing,

Both the Iscariot and Hellsing bases and groups have been utterly destroyed along with much of the world/. The world has long since entered an apocalyptic state. As the world is being consumed by darkness following the third world war all hope seems completely lost. Until a group appears that begins to eradicate the vampires and monsters the best they can.

What starts out as a seemingly ordinary group of only five girls quickly changes into a entire organization rivaling that of Hellsings prowess
But as they continue to kill the vampires they begin to realize something else is happening in the world.

Groups Available for joining:

Phoenix Wing ~ Led by Elanea

Anti - X - Led by ________

Unaffiliated ~

Wild Geese ~ Led by Pip Bernadotte [In partnership with Phoenix wing]
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Story Thus Far
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