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Well. I think the worlds going to shit so why not roleplay to pass the shitty times?
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PostSubject: Ellie-Rose   Mon May 21, 2012 1:18 pm

Character Appearance

Character Info
Name: Ellie-Rose
Background:She is the illegitament child of the undertaker and a female fan. She grew up with her step brother and grandparents in florida, She was an artist who got invited to chicago for a college oppertunity. She of course took the oppertunity. When she got there she happened to get there with enough time to secure a front row seat to the WWE taping of RAW. At the taping as the GM Johnny gloated over his victory over John Cena with help from the Big Show, Ellie-rose jumped into the ring and proceeded to tell off the GM. After this spectical Triple H came out and said that since Ellie believed she could do the GMs job so much better then for one night she would be GM. She then stated that the main event would be Big Johnny vs CM Punk and John Cena in a handicap-lumberjack match up. Big Show would not be allowed at ring side but the rest of the WWE would. After that night and Big Johnnys loss Ellie-Rose was signed onto the WWE raw roster.

Physical stats


Stats must equal 60

to be added later
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