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Well. I think the worlds going to shit so why not roleplay to pass the shitty times?
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 OokamiAkuryou's character

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PostSubject: OokamiAkuryou's character   Sun Apr 29, 2012 12:09 am

Character name: Xiasia
Age: 17
Race: Elf
Class: Bard.
Bio: Xiasia was born to a family of elf bards. Her parents some of the greatest bards in all the land. There was only one problem; they didn't want a baby girl. They wanted a boy just like their oldest, Rio. One day, their village was attacked by the Storm Legion and Xiasia was taken captive. Just a mere child of seven at the time, they used her for things such as stealing for them so they would not get caught and other things like relieving tension (if you know what I mean). Eventually General Sutherland found her and managed to free her. Being shy to most people, she needed to get to know people before she trusted them. After about a year, she opened up to the General and he helped her train in her studies. It soon became obvious of her abilities as a Bard and she had some strong ones. She became adept in things such as Alchemy and Pet Taming, and soon a noble warrior in the fight against the storm legion.
Looks like: (actual screenshot of my character) (what her armor looks like)
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OokamiAkuryou's character
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